The 3 L’s – Part 1

Sunday Mornings at the Movies.

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Bear one another’s burdens, and thereby fulfill the law of Christ [Galatians 6:2].

April 15 has come and gone for another year. Americans young and old went through the ordeal of filing their tax returns. Some folks received money back, while others were privileged to dole out additional funds into the leaky cistern known as the federal government.

Then there are those sneaky persons who didn’t file their tax returns at all. Suchlike fellows have broken the law; they’ve committed a crime. They are lawbreakers, criminals. This is true whether or not we agree with the tax code or believe in an income tax. It is the law of the land, thus obligating us to obey it until such time as it is revoked.

In Old Testament Israel the Israelites were governed by the Lord through His legal code, the Law of Moses. Whenever any Israelite failed to do anything the Law required, he became a lawbreaker, a criminal. Whenever he did anything the Law forbade, he became a lawbreaker. Taking into account all the Israelites throughout the entire Old Testament era, we can count on the fingers of one hand how many never were lawbreakers—and we’d still have four fingers and one thumb unused!

Yes, the Old Testament had the Law of Moses. And yes, we today have many laws—federal, state, and local—by which we are governed. In the verse quoted to kick off this study, the Apostle Paul exhorted the Galatian Christians to fulfill the law of Christ. This adds still another “law” to the mix. What is this “law of Christ” anyway?

Ah, that makes for a right fine topic to discuss. Is the “law of Christ” a new legal code which is applicable to the church? Does it replace our federal, state, and local laws. Perhaps it’s the Law of Moses and the Church is obligated to obey it? Maybe it’s just the “moral law” included in the Law of Moses? Oh dear. My head is twirling from all the confusion! What is “the law of Christ”. Would someone please answer the question already?

Let us not be overwhelmed by this topic, dear friends, and drown in the depths of despair. Paul didn’t fabricate some new teaching, when he instructed the Galatian Christians about obedience to the law of Christ. Paul referred to the words of the Lord Jesus, while He walked the earth and taught the Word of God to the Israelites. Let’s check it out and see for ourselves.

The Jewish authorities didn’t support Jesus, and they actively opposed His ministry and teachings. They made it their life’s goal to thwart Him, whenever they deemed it feasible to do so. On one occasion a lawyer tried to trick Jesus into saying something wrong, by introducing a topic which divided the rabbis into contentious cliques.

We will delve into this mysterious topic on the morrow. In the interim enjoy time alone with Jesus.

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