The 3 L’s – Part 3

Sunday Mornings at the Movies.

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Bear one another’s burdens, and thereby fulfill the law of Christ [Galatians 6:2].

The Law was given to sinners, which created a problem, though the problem was not with the Law. The problem was that sinners are in rebellion against God and don’t want to obey Him. Sinners believe they are good enough to be right with God. This displays itself in legalism. Legalism is the practice of obeying the Law according to sinful man’s interpretation of what this entails.

Since all men are sinners, Old Testament Israelites included, law-abiding Israelites rapidly degenerated into legalistic Israelites. The same applies to Gentiles who attempt to do their own good works, in order to find favor with God.

This is where “the law of Christ” comes in. The Lord gave the Law to Israel. Israel perverted the Law into Legalism. The Lord Jesus interpreted the Law perfectly by returning it to its origins.

The Law was not given as a means to salvation. The Law was given by God to teach sinful man their need for a Savior. In this way sinful men can flee to their Savior and be restored into right relationship with God.

God is love. Any relationship with Him is founded on love because God is love. For sinful man to obey the Law perfectly—which is the only acceptable way to obey it—he has to obey from the heart. He has to want to obey because he recognizes its validity and truly desires from his inmost being to be the person the Law demands he be.

That, dear friends, is the definition of love. Love doesn’t seek its own good, but the good of others. Love doesn’t push self to the front, but elevates others to first place. Love doesn’t take what it wants and keep score. Love gives and overlooks slights to self.

The Law was given to demonstrate to sinful man how far short of the glory of God all of us fall. Sinful man perverted this into Legalism because that is the only way sinners can measure up to the Law. The Lord Jesus returned the Law to its roots by returning it to its rightful foundation, Love.

The 3 L’s: Law, Legalism, Love. The law of Christ is that I love the Lord God with my entire being, and that I love my neighbor as myself. This doesn’t require that I obey the Law of Moses. It does require that I forsake Legalism.

To fulfill the law of Christ I need to spend daily time alone with the Lord Jesus, learning to know Him more and more in order to grow in my love for Him. He is love, so I must get my love from Him. Only after doing so will I have love to give back to Him and to share with my neighbor.

I think I’ll pause now and go to Jesus. He will embrace me in His arms. I love You, Lord.

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