Breathe the Dust – Part 1

Sunday Mornings at the Movies.

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Then the Lord God formed man of dust from the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living being [Genesis 2:7].

God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them [Genesis 1:27].

Have you ever wondered if there is extraterrestrial life out there somewhere? Where would they be located? For that matter what would they be like? Perhaps they’d be like ET… Or maybe some of those lizard-like aliens in so many sci-fi films. (Ugh. I hate those B-budget ones from the Syfy channel of yesteryear. Don’t you?)

I got it! They’re slimy ooze…or giant insects…or robots. No, they’re part machine and part human, like the Borg. (I think I saw that on Star Trek once.) Then there is that big fat mass of blubber from the Star Wars trilogy of the 80s. I have a novel idea. Maybe they’re plain old humanoid like you and me.

Naw. There are no other life forms out there. Nor are there any humanoid replicas of mankind either, at least not in our universe. But there are spirits, and some of them aren’t so good to be around…like old Lucifer, for instance. He’s not someone you want to even hold a conversation with, much less permit to babysit the kids.

This has me thinking. Just what is a human being anyway? Anyone out there know? Let’s see a show of hands. Come on now. Don’t be bashful. I am squinting real hard to look all the way to the back rows, but I don’t see any hands. Oh boy. I got my work cut out for me today.

Well, let’s ask the Lord God what the makeup of a human being is. After all, he made ‘em all! Hey, Lord. What is a human being made of anyway? Oh. You say You already told us. Uh, now I’m suffused with a flushed face, Lord. When did you tell us? I should know this.

What’s that, Lord? You say it’s in the Bible. Gulp. Shoulda coulda woulda…but didn’t. But I planned to when I wasn’t so busy, Lord. Really I did. Okay, Lord. I’ll stop making excuses and crooning You to sleep with my rationalizations. I’m kinda tired of them myself.

So gang, let’s hie off to the Bible and discover what the makeup of a human being is. Oh, there it is! Right there in Genesis 2:7. Hmm. A human being is comprised of two ingredients. Let’s itemize them for easy reference:

  • dust of the ground
  • breath of life

Now that is unique! Really. No, I mean really. I’m not joking either. I’ll let you resolve your issues for the time being and continue this topic in our next study. Now I’m off to see the wizard, er, I mean the Lord Jesus. Perhaps you’d like to come along.

To further research this issue, I direct you to my book Genesis: Volume 1 of Heavenly Citizens in Earthly Shoes. To purchase my books please go to:


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