Breathe the Dust – Part 3

Sunday Mornings at the Movies.

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Then the Lord God formed man of dust from the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living being [Genesis 2:7].

God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them [Genesis 1:27].

Man is made of the dust of the ground. Is that what makes man so unique and valuable in the Lord’s eyes? Uh, that would be a no. The animals also are made up of the dust of the ground. When they die they return to dust, even as man’s body does (cf., Psalm 90:3; Genesis 3:19).

Okay. That leaves only the “breath of life” from God to make man unique and valuable. And you know what? That’s the answer! The Lord God didn’t breathe the breath of life into the nostrils of the animals. Plant life hasn’t the breath of life either. And I can guarantee you that those sci-fi critters don’t because they aren’t even real!

Only man is composed of the breath of life from the Lord God, dear friends. This is what distinguishes mankind from all other forms of existence, whether plants or animals or inanimate objects, beasts or fowl or fish. The combination of the dust of the ground and the breath of life makes man valuable enough for the angels to attend to our welfare. Man is valuable to the Lord God!

But don’t go growing a fat head, dear friends. We are valuable because the Lord God made us to be. Our value stems from Him, not from ourselves. We have nothing of which to boast. The Lord is not in our debt and begging us to let Him visit with us. I think it’s the other way around, to tell you the truth.

Man’s unique combination of “ingredients” makes man to be in the image of God. The “image of God” is a depictive phrase to which no other created thing can lay claim. And there are some powerful conclusions to draw from this too.

Man is formed from the dust of the ground. So. Animals are too! If you visit a barnyard, you cannot miss observing the animals mating. They have no qualms about it. They go around without any clothes on and don’t blush. The males sniff after every female in search of the lost lust. In mating season the females do the pursuing.

Animals have no shame. They aren’t supposed to, you see. And do you know why this is so? It’s because they are made of the dust of the ground and the…and the…and the…well, what do you know? That’s all they’re made of. Dust of the ground is the nature of animals, and man shares it with the animals.

This is not the choicest location to press the Pause Button, but we must. Time’s up for today. Let’s spend time in prayer and meditation now and return tomorrow, same time, same station.

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